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Day phone: 787-823-1530 (10am – 6pm) Come to Casa Islena to get the Keys for Las Palmas
Evening phone 787-431-7064 / /787-431-7320, after 6pm.

Take airport exit to the right. Do Not go over the Bridge)
Follow signs toward San Juan onto road 26 west bound
Continue to “ BAYAMON” / CAGUAS # 22

Exiting to the right, stay on this road through the Tunnel. As you leave the tunnel, stay in the second to right hand lane, looking for the “ BAYAMON” ROAD #22 exit veering right.

Take this exit and stay on the expressway all the way to until it ends in Arecibo. Take road # 2 west at the end. Stay on road #2 past the town of Aguadilla to road # 417.

Turn right onto road #417 past the first traffic light. Once you pass the first light you will immediately turn left onto road “Nativo Alers” in front of a walled cemetery.
Take Nativo Alers to the end. It ends at road #115. Take a left onto road #115.
STAY ON ROAD # 115 UNTIL YOU GET TO THE FIRST ENTRANCE TO ROAD # 413. BARRIO PUNTAS. TURN RIGHT ONTO ROAD #413 UNTIL YOU COME TO GAS STATION. PASSING the gas station Make a left by large cement wall before gas station (Alfonzo Arizmendi road). Go down the hill for about 3-4 minutes until you see the sign of Las Palmas Inn, then turn right The hotel is at the bottom of the hill.


Turn left out Airport straight to the Stop sign. This road turns to road #107 to highway to #2. Turn right onto highway #2 and follow the directions above from the #2 onward.

DESDE San Juan hacia Las Palmas:
787-823-1525 / 787-823-1530 oficina en Casa Islena 10am-6pm
787-324-9428, 787-431-7320 despues de las 6PM

Tomara la #2 hacia Aguadilla. Pasando las cascadas de Aguadilla aproximdamente 15 minutos encontrara la #417. Doblar en la #417 a la derecha y luego encontrara un semaforo. Pasando el semaforo encontrara a su izquierda Avenida Nativo Alers. Mantenganse en la #417 hasta el final donde se conectara con la #115. Doblar a la izquierda y pasando el Puente mantenganse a la izquierda como aproximadamente 15 minutos encontrara la #413 a su derecha. Mantenganse en la #413 hasta que vea la gasolinera pintada de azul y verde. Pasando la gasolinera doblar a la derecha por donde esta la pared de cemento. Continue bajando hacia la playa y luego vera un letrero
“Las Palmas Inn” por el frente de Oasis Resort.
Y si continua bajando hacia la playa encontrara Casa Islena en la primera derecha.